Preparing A House for Spring & Fall

Spring and fall are fun seasons. They are fun seasons to prepare for, but they are a lot of work. They do not just bridge the gap between summers and winters, but are filled with a lot of activity. These are the best seasons for those interested in food, from growing it to cooking it, and they are more relaxed seasons as they lack all of the social events that other seasons are filled with. For those looking to get a step ahead, it is easy to do during these seasons as long as the person is just a little organized.

Spring home maintenance checklist

Spring is full of events to prepare for the rest of the year. The lawn needs to seed and flowers need to be planted. Shrubs and trees need to be pruned, and the yard needs to be cleaned up. The house needs to be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom and the pantry and freezer need to be cleaned and possibly restocked. If there is a garden it needs to be organized and seeded; if trellises are in use they need to be repaired. This is the ideal season for repairing anything outside as the Arizona heat has yet to make its presence known, and there are plenty of sales to encourage exactly that. Spring is going to be extremely busy as people try to do as much as they can before the summer hits and people want to do anything but work.

Just as spring is getting ready for the year, fall is about closing it down. The yard needs to be cleaned on a more regular basis as the winds bring in leaves and other detritus. Fruits and vegetables need to be canned and jarred. Clothes need to shop for and repaired as necessary. For those that celebrate them, Halloween and Thanksgiving need to be allowed for, and lists need to be compiled for the major sales of the season. However, as frenetic as spring is fall is much more laid back as the home is prepared for winter and fall schedules to re-assert themselves as people get mentally prepared for winter.

fall home maintenance

Spring and fall are strangely much more relaxed than they seem at first. While they full of activity, that activity is just an extension of other activities at the time. For families, they provide a little more time for bonding before they separate for summer and winter activities. All of the plans and work involved can actually be sort of fun, and they can work to the advantage of the family involved, both in making sure that they have food as well as bonding activities. These truly can be seasons of growth.