Importance Of A Maintenance Budget

Part of buying a home should be looking at how hard it will be to maintain that home. As any experienced homeowner knows, maintenance is a big part of any home, and those costs should be considered just as much as any amenities. In fact, some of those amenities may actually add to the cost of maintaining the home and should be considered as part of the cost of the house. It may annoy the real estate agent, but it may help you shave a little of the cost of the house, resulting in putting the house you are looking at back within the realm of the possible for those willing to make the argument stick.

Importance of home maintenance budgeting

Keep in mind that when you are debating the maintenance budget of a home that you can do some of it yourself, especially for those looking to express their self-sufficiency. With families, the children can be assigned chores that aid in the maintenance of the house. You can also rent a room to someone in exchange for handling the maintenance of the home, either paying for the whole rent or deducting a good chunk of it. Sure, you can do the maintenance yourself, but there may some cases in which the level of maintenance required for the home may just take too much time out of your schedule, or you just may lack the skills required. At the very least it may mean taking some classes in order to make it easier to do things on your own.

That said, there are some costs that should be debated when you are looking at the home; these are the cleaning, landscape, and pool maintenance costs. Cleaning costs are always going to be debated, as a lot of people tend to clean up after themselves, and some prefer a little clutter in their lives. However, owners of big homes should debate bringing in a maid service every so often just to make sure everything gets dusted and floors get a good waxing every so often. The cleaning costs should thus be at least cursorily debated.

The pool should be debated as well. While it is a major amenity, especially during hot Arizona summers, the cleaning, and maintenance of that pool should be debated. The same applies to any jacuzzi and other outside play areas. While the maintenance of that area should be debated, keep in mind that it may need to be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year; while you can do the chemicals, having a pool person may not be a bad person to come in once a week or so. While you can save some money doing it yourself, there are some advantages to having someone come in ever so often.

budgeting for home maintenaceLandscaping is another matter entirely. Unless you have a small yard or a simple landscape, it is actually worth it to hire a person or company, especially during the summer and fall. While the most strenuous work is done during the spring in terms of seeding, planting, and essentially any other planning, it is usually dealt with over a few weeks. Summer maintenance requires a lot of work, in terms of weeding, pruning, and mowing, and the fall requires a lot of cleaning up. Unless you have a lot of spare time, then it is well worth paying someone to deal with the landscaping maintenance.

Part of buying a home is debating if you can afford the maintenance. As such, while you are busy inspecting everything else, you should be keeping a separate list of areas that will need special attention. That list should be a part of the final decision, including the budget needed to deal with that maintenance. It is something that they forget to mention on those property shows, but it is something you should keep in mind.

Finally, when it comes to keeping your home in good order, roof repair Safford is extremely important. Throughout the year, your roof suffers a great deal of damage especially during severe weather conditions. Even if you don’t want to get your roof repaired right away, it’s still helpful to have a plan in place and research certified professionals in your area for future work.