Allowing for Pest Control and Repairs

When it comes to owning a home, maintenance costs are a special bane for the homeowner. While there are a number of different costs that can up, there are some that can surprise any homeowner, and those need some special consideration. These maintenance costs may be pretty standard, but a homeowner may allow them to sneak up on him. They need to be allowed for ahead of time, however, and it can help know what these expenses are. In general, these costs relate to repairing standard household accidents and dealing with pest infestations.

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Keep in mind that you will need to allow for new parts and tools. While a basic tool kit will do for most repairs, you will need to pick up a few tools as you go, so make sure that you know where the nearest hardware store is. You will also need to purchase the occasional part as well; while you could carry every conceivable part you would need for home repair, it would mean spending way too much and the storage for those parts would take up too much room. However, a few basic parts, such as some screws and nails, are always good to have on hand. You will also need to buy some materials as the year passes, especially boards and PVC pipe. In essence, be ready to spend a few hundred dollars a year in tools and parts.

Keep in mind that it can only help to have a contractor or three in your contacts list. You can count on at least on major repair or replacement a year, and have that number will help you speed through the problem. If you have teenagers expect at least two, especially if they are learning to drive; it may not happen, but at least you are prepared mentally for when it happens. If you have younger children, then all bets are off, especially as anything is possible, especially if they are curious and athletic. Just makes sure that you have some serious cleaning supplies on hand as well as some tarps and duct tape and you should survive most of the big stuff.

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Pest control is another issue that needs to be dealt with on an annual basis but people forget about it. It is a pretty good idea to have the pest control person out at least twice a year to both inspect the home as well as do a preventive spray for roaches and termites. If you suffer any sort of flooding, then having a pest control person go through when things have dried out to inspect for mold is a great idea. Make sure that the person is looking for roaches and silverfish when he does his inspection as well as mice and you should be nicely covered when it comes to pest control problems.

Throw in some cleaning supplies and you should be good to go. Keeping the house clean will help keep accidents down and the pests away, and it costs less than a hundred dollars a year to keep your supplies stocked. That will also help keep your expenses down in other respects as well, making for a well-run house. No one ever said that running a home was easy or cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you should worry about every little problem, especially if you have allowed for it ahead of time.